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About Us

Bay Trendy Boutique

About Us

Bay Trendy Boutique was started by Jeralyn Haney with her love for different fashion styles and her dream for owning her own boutique since the time she was a young girl. She has participated in beauty pageants due to her involvement in fashion. Jeralyn’s journey into fashion is unique. She came to the US in 2003 and was working for a fishing company in Alaska for ten years. She got married and devoted her time as a full time mom. But her passion for fashion got a direction during pandemic. She created an online shop and very soon came up with a pop up store in a mall. Due to positive customer feedback and appreciation she got motivation. She loves to give customized and personalized service to her clients and helps them find their best fit and quality and a perfect dress on their special occasions.

Meet the Founder

Jeralyn Haney

Meet Jeralyn Haney, the creative mind behind Bay Trendy Boutique. From a lifelong dream of diverse fashion styles and beauty pageants to the realization of her passion during the pandemic, Jeralyn brings a unique vision to her online and mall pop-up boutique. Driven by positive customer feedback, she's dedicated to providing personalized service, helping clients find their perfect fit and quality attire for special occasions.

Our Values


Each of our dresses is intricately crafted for an impeccable fit, promising a flawless look on every occasion. Using a blend of high-quality materials, the fabric of each dress is luxuriously soft, silky, and a joy to wear, guaranteeing an added layer of comfort, softness, and suppleness.

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Bay Trendy Boutique